Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Here we go...

So, I have officially wasted an obscene amount of time figuring out my blog settings, colors, links, and profile. Usually people just post links to people they are friends with, but I have also included links to other blogs and websites that I feel are necessary and vital to your daily life.

Everything you need:
Ben - where he expresses his emotions
Emergent Village - they tend to post interesting stuff
Jason - check it out for info on twoshirts.org
Jeremy - he takes great photographs
Mark Driscoll - oppressing women since 1970
Mike - why yes, he does own his domain name
My xanga - where I post stupid stuff
Post Secret - um...duh
SB Email - what the crap!?!
Tony Jones - making fun of people and pretending to be heretical never seemed so fun
Wikipedia - the source of all knowledge

You may now consider your quality of life improved by 1,000 points.

You are welcome.



Jason said...

thanks for the link...god to have you in the blogosphere!

OnCherryStreet said...

so i have one of these things now...

i don't really know if i'm going to use it for anything other than talking smack.